Anarchist Beginnings An Index

These are the posts previously hosted at William Batchelder Greene, Letter to Orestes Brownson (1849) Annie Field, from “Whittier: Notes Of His Life And Of His Friendships” (1897) William Batchelder Greene, “The Right of […]


A note on anarchist economics

Modern production takes the strictly individual productive capacities of individuals and multiplies them in a variety of ways. Organization and association in industry, social and technological infrastructure, progress in science, and various other factors all […]

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Thoughts on a Mutualist Minimum

Thoughts on a Mutualist Minimum Fragments from a Facebook forum [These remarks, written several years ago, was originally archived in a section of the Labyrinth that no longer exists, but since the question of UBI […]

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The Importance of Proudhon

Anarchists can be touchy about any sort of authority, so we are frequently at pains to say that we are not followers of any particular leader or historical figure. That’s good. Among other things, the […]

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The “FAQs”

One of the basic assumptions driving this blog is that we’re not really in a position for definitive answers to a lot of the most important, and most frequently asked questions about mutualism. We can […]

anarchist mutualism

Mutualism at the Owenite High Tide

For a look at the concerns of the Owenite current at the moment, in the 1820s, when some members were trying on the label “mutualist” and Josiah Warren was taking the steps that would lead […]