New home for Working Translations

Most of my old blogs have been integrated into the new Libertarian Labyrinth site over the last couple of years, but my translations have remained scattered in various places. I’m finally starting to remedy that […]

Saint Ravachol

A jailhouse fragment (April 13, 1892)

A Jailhouse Fragment Conciergerie, Cell 1, April 13, 1892 Individual interest, the source of all of men’s wrongs, must, if we wish to establish harmony in humanity, be replaced by the common interest. Koningstein

Saint Ravachol

The Voice of the Penal Colony (1893)

THE VOICE OF THE PENAL COLONY While the populations panic and cheer the hangman tsar, while the bourgeois and the governmentals congratulate themselves on the success of their stratagems and observe that human stupidity is […]