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Anarchist Beginnings

Programs and Manifestos

Vol. II — PROGRAMS & MANIFESTOS Ferdinand Monier, “Manifeste anarchiste” (1886) Joseph Lane, “An Anti-Statist Communist Manifesto” (1887) Commonweal Anarchist Group, “Why We Are Anarchists” (1894) London Anarchist Communist Alliance, “An Anarchist Manifesto” (1895)

Progress Reports and Reassessments

Vol. IV — PROGRESS REPORTS & REASSESSMENTS Harry Kelly, “Anarchism—A Plea For The Impersonal” (1908) Max Nettlau, “More Heretical Views” (August, 1911) Revue Anarchiste, “Is the Anarchist Ideal Achievable?” (1930)

Featured Projects

Mutualism.info: An Index

Featured Projects

These are the posts previously hosted at mutualism.info: William Batchelder Greene, Letter to Orestes Brownson (1849) Annie Field, from “Whittier: Notes Of His Life And Of His Friendships” (1897) William Batchelder Greene, “The Right of […]

Emperor Norton Project

Emperor Norton Project

Published Proclamations A collection of The Proclamations of Emperor Norton is available in pdf form in the Libertarian Labyrinth library. It will be updated as new material is unearthed. “Have We an Emperor among us?” […]

A Contr’un Glossary


In the course of developing the ideas that I’m now in the process of summarizing on the Contr’un blog, I have at times given in to the temptation of resorting to new words or at […]